[Athens] November 1st: Morning gathering in defense of the Squatted Prosfygika

On Monday October 31st 2016, a group of comrades from Themistokleous 58 Squat were also present at the Squatted Prosfygika to assist the neighborhood’s defense in the face of coordinated attacks by cops and Nazis. We took a stand in the ongoing social war with stones, body-to-body skirmishes and our antipatriotic convictions resounding during clashes with the cops.

Factual solidarity with the Squatted Prosfygika.

Strength to everyone who clashed with the uniformed scum of Greek democracy.

Immediate release of all captives.

And tomorrow, November 1st, let’s be prepared for everything.

Themistokleous 58 Squat


Translators’ note: The Squatted Prosfygika are located on Alexandras Av., within close proximity to the Athens police headquarters and the courthouse on Degleri St., where the mega-trial against the Golden Dawn currently takes place. Early in the morning of October 31st, antiriot police forces stormed the Prosfygika jointly with a large group of Nazis. Later on, comrades managed to repel the cops (in uniform and plainclothes), and strong clashes ensued. Several persons were detained throughout the day (at least two of the arrestees, who face charges, have been badly beaten). Various collectives and individuals in solidarity with the Prosfygika call for a morning gathering on November 1st in defense of the neighborhood.