France: News from concerning the ZAD – January 25th to 31st 2016

In Nantes between 150 and 200 people assembled in response to the decision to evict the historical opponenets. The plate glass door of city hall suffered a mishap. Until Vinci goes away! Resistance and sabotage.

Monday January 25

The big news for today is evidently the verdict of the trial against our comrades who are having their houses taken by eminent domain. Without surprise, the judge refused to transfer the affair, as the defense lawyer had asked, questioning the constitutionality of the trial. The judge declared the farms immediately evictable, along with three families who don’t have their main residence on the zone. He “gave” a two month delay to the others. He did refuse Vinci, whose lawyer had asked for exorbitant daily fines if the families stayed: in this way, the judge puts the concrete responsibility of eviction onto the public powers.

Now it’s up to us to organize for the abandon of the airport project in the coming weeks. We won’t let anyone get evicted and we have every intention to resist together!

General assembly tomorrow at the Vacherit to talk about what’s next and to prepare the big demonstration of February 27th.

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In Rennes another 150 people took the streets in support of the historical opponents and against the decision taken by the employee at the Courthouse of Injustice this afternoon.