Hambach Forest, Germany: RWE security guards run over activists as resistance intensifies

Yesterday (21.01.2016) RWE security guards hit activists with a car as the latter were defending the ancient forest against logging operations (see video below). Two activists were kidnapped. One was successfully de-arrested, the other, Fledermaus, was beaten and handed over to the police, accused of assault, and will likely stay imprisoned in Aachen for the next 3-4 weeks at least. The arrestee was not given medical treatment and is suffering from severe back pain, whilst not revealing his identity to the authorities.

You can send him letters to this adress:
Aktivist Nr. 2
JVA Aachen
Krefelderstr. 251
Aachen, Germany

In the video, activists can be seen driving the logging operations out of the site, and then being scattered by a security SUV zigzagging on the bridge towards them. Activists say stones were thrown in both directions.

In other news, EmmA was released from prison today. He reports: “The prison walls are covered with Hambi Forst Bleibt! [Hambacher Forest remains] graffiti and the inmates I spoke to are in solidarity with our struggle. Prison is shit but the forests are stronger than its walls. I feel good, and ready to go back to the forest, to defend what is wild by all means necessary.”
Welcome home.

RWE is the gravedigger of Rhineland.
Let us be the gravedigger of RWE!

Show solidarity! Come into the forest. Join the Action Week (January 22th – 31th, 2016)

January 21st via Hambacher Forest:

Several activists blocked the way and initially made the RWE people leave the forest. Shortly afterwards it came to clashes between security guards and the activists. Objects such as stones flew in both directions. Then one of the security guards of RWE cried to his colleagues: “Out the way, out the way, I‘m gonna run‘em over!”, climbed into a jeep and drove high speed to the activists. They tried to dodge the car, then he weaved his way from side to side over the entire width of the road. He injured several activists.

Two security guards rushed towards the activists and arrested two of them, which could be freed by a quick intervention. One activist who was too injured by the jeep, was unable to escape. He was laying on the earth, was caught by security guards, dragged into the back of their jeep and was kidnapped. A short time later an ambulance came into the forest…