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Nantes, France: Trans in prison, freedom!

Transpeople in prison, freedom!

This is the message of the banner that was hung over the Nantes ring-road in the early morning of January 22nd, the international day of solidarity with trans prisoners. In France like elsewhere, trans people in particular suffer more repression from society and the state, which leads them before the courts and in prison more than the rest of the population. For some of them, the transphobic oppression supplements the racist, xenophobic, misogynistic or homophobic oppressions. It’s also true inside prisons where the discrimination and inequalities in society harshly affect people even more, especially transwomen.

Prisons serve to protect the privileges of the ruling classes and to create fear among the poor and minoritized. Because we think that all prisons should disappear and that no one should experience the incareration, we express our solidarity with all trans people imprisoned and repressed.

Geman | Portuguese

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