Athens: Incendiary attack against five vehicles belonging to the AB supermarket chain


A response with fire

After the signing of the third memorandum, the SYRIZA-led government is following the dictates of the European Commission (EC) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and continues the policies of the preceding governments from the same point: dismantlement of social security insurance, increase of retirement age limits, abolishment of vested labour rights…

The government’s choice to abolish the Sunday holiday falls within this context, a choice that violates workers’ rights established many years ago, for the benefit of enterprises – and particularly big businesses, the most aggressive aspect of the Capital. One of these enterprises is the AB Vassilopoulos supermarket company, which was the first to take advantage of the new developments by opening its stores on Sundays.

From our side we believe that we must make it clear to the bosses that their choice to open the stores on Sundays will not turn out to be as profitable as intended. That is why, on Thursday night [December 10th], we burned down five mini vans belonging to the AB supermarket chain in the neighbourhood of Petralona.

Nothing has been given to us for free; everything has been gained through struggle in the class and social war that rages on. In a collective and self-organised manner, with blockades, strikes, demonstrations, and even acts of sabotage, we will uphold the Sunday holiday.

From December ’08 to December ’15, for the total overthrow of capitalism, for the construction of a society of equality and solidarity.