Athens: Fascist arson attack against Agros squat in Ilion

On Sunday morning, November 1st 2015, Agros squat in Tritsis Park came once again under fascist arson attack. The damage was small and is being restored. The fact that their attacks include setting fire inside the park – a rare place, life-giving lung for residents of the surrounding areas, rare habitat of plants and animals – only confirms their already established cannibalism.

The self-managed occupied zone in Tritsis Park exists for over six years now. As a land project, with our discourse and actions, we resist the destructive dominant development planning that increasingly ravages free, common spaces. We have assumed the land, having occupied a field at the western side of Tritsis Park. This is one of our ways of blocking the flow of commodity relations and consumption, considering that the park, for years now, is found in a cyclone of smaller and larger commercialisation plans. We cultivate the land on our own terms, without using specialists or industrial techniques, without seeking profit, without any sort of payment being made. We participate in the squat and act in a self-organised, anti-hierarchical and anti-commercial manner, away from any kind of mediators, against any kind of dominant distinction, having solidarity as our compass. And we continue to do so unremittingly, because the very essence of the project lies in our relationships, values and projectualities.

This land cannot be burned.

Agros, self-managed occupied zone in Tritsis Park (Ilion)