[New Zine] Hambach Forest occupation

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June 2015

This zine tries to give a short overview over the struggle against the lignite mining in the Rhineland in Germany. It is a compilation of texts that were written by people who also participated the occupation.

One thing that is important to understand is that it is an open struggle which means that there are somehow agreements against hierarchy and domination, sexism, racism and speciesism but there is no exact collective opinion. People who participate the struggle in the Hambacher Forst participate as individuals who organize together but not as platformist slaves.

This means also that opinions and analysis stated in the following texts do not necessarily reflect on a common point of view. Rather there are as many opinions as people involved. Surely there are also many things to criticize (such as victimisation or using terms and logics of the state like “guilty“, “illegal“ or „injustice“ for example). And this criticism is necessary and welcome.

So this compilation of texts does not even reflect on the opinion of the people who put it together. But surely the ones who read this zine will be smart enough to make up their own conclusions.

Contents (also available on this blog)

– Short facts about the lignit mining in Rhineland (Germany)
– The Hambacher Forst occupation
– The first declaration of the Hambacher Forst occupation in 2012
– About the relationship between domination and environmental destruction
– Other parts of resistance in the area
– A few thoughts about solidarity and violence
– Small lexicon of forms of action
– Chronicle 2012-2014