Germany: News in brief of sabotages in the framework of Destroika

February 2015

Bremen: In the night between the 24th and 25th February, a service vehicle of the German army was burnt out in the Hemmstrasse in the neighbourhood of Findorff.

“(…) The Bundeswehr is an instrument to protect the wealth of a few. Wars are led in order to secure resources for the already existing supremacy, to export the authoritarian capitalist system and to establish this system for their own benefit. For a long time, Germany has been leading wars again or providing material support.

It is intentionally accepted that many people’s means of subsistence are destroyed by the exploitation of natural resources, the selling of land and the obligation of dependence on the neoliberal world market.

That these politics function on dead bodies without scruples becomes especially visible at the European borders. To most people who try to come into Europe a legal entry is refused because they don’t have papers, or they have the wrong papers. Thus they become illegal, which serves as a pretext to open up the hunt after them for the police, border guards and military within Europe, at its borders and in the sea. For many, this means detention pending deportation or death.

For passionate moments of insurrection the 18th March at Frankfurt!
For a militant antiracism!
War starts here – lets stop it here!
Autonomous Groups”

Berlin: During the night of the 24th February, “four ATMs were smashed or rendered inoperable with expanding foam in the neighbourhood of Kreuzberg. This is not the first action against banks in Berlin as a callout for Destroika, and we are looking forward to more actions! (…)

Come to Frankfurt the 18th March! In the morning for the blockade, 5pm for the large demonstration!”

Frankfurt: “(…) in the night between the 18th and 19th February, we attacked the Deutsche Annington in the neighbourhood of Sachsenhausen. Three vehicles were burnt out and the back windows of the building complex were smashed. Other damages were purposely avoided. (…)

The Deutsche Annington is grossly profiteering off the rental sector of the former social and low-price housing market. Between 2001 and their introduction to the stock market in 2010, they have bought and increased the price of over 210,000 houses that formerly belonged to the British armed forces, various housing associations of railroad workers, the large companies RWE and E.ON, but also to social housing associations. (…)

Our action is thus also a sign of solidarity with the numerous tenants initiatives and the struggles of the workforce. (…)

We have identified another potential target to go along with banks and insurance companies.”

Excerpts collated by Le Chat Noir Emeutier