Athens: Yannis Michailidis, on hunger strike since 23/3, currently hospitalised

fire to all prison cells

On April 10th, anarchist prisoner on hunger strike Yannis Michailidis, participant in the Network of Imprisoned Fighters (DAK), was transferred from Koridallos prison to Attikon Hospital in Chaidari, Athens.

The comrade has now lost 8.5% of his initial body weight and presents with symptoms such as severe weakness, fatigue, dizziness, paleness of the skin and mucous membranes, orthostatic hypotension, relative bradycardia and hypoglycemia. Additionally, his body has not had time to fully recover from the metabolic stress experienced in the recent multi-day hunger strike that Yannis carried out in solidarity with imprisoned comrade Nikos Romanos.

source: athens imc (1, 2)

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