Heraklion, Crete: Incendiary attack against tax office

In the early morning hours of April 2nd, clinging to the hunger striking comrades in our thoughts, we attacked the 2nd Tax Office in the city of Heraklion (Crete), placing an incendiary device at the entrance of the building.

Comrades, we may be separated by miles, walls and all kinds of state dogs, but we feel the fire burning within you is hotter than ever. With this fire on our side, we throw ourselves into battle, shouting death to the death sold as if it were life.

Those who say that now is not the time to attack, or ask that the government be given a little more time (to prove how leftist it is), are those who tighten the chains on detention beds with their own hands.

Every passing day, every passing hour, every passing minute is crucial. It’s imperative that our moves escape the bounds of legality.

That streets are transformed into battlefields.
That conspiratorial meetings turn into acts of war.
That hope becomes attack.

Strength to all the hunger strikers.
Immediate fulfillment of all the demands.

FAI/FRI – Heraklion Cell