Galicia: Sabotage in solidarity with prisoners in struggle

We stand in solidarity with the struggle of prisoners who went on hunger strike, José Antúnez Becerra, Javier Guerrero and Xavier Corporales, as well as Roberto C. Fernández Pardiñas, a libertarian prisoner in struggle, and all those who are locked up and deprived of freedom.

Therefore, since mid-January, we began sabotaging the tires of luxury cars and vehicles of transport services collaborating with the system, in the north of Galicia.

This is a type of sabotage action that we encourage you to spread and carry out. Like countless attacks against all representation of Power and domination.

We want to break with everything established, we want to live our lives freely, and so we are against all authority that denies our free development.

We are against hierarchies and this system of domination that subjects us to a uniformal way of thinking based on a predetermined attitude and, for their own benefit, denies us to think for ourselves. We grew up fooled to believe that ideas and acts go separate ways in life, and to obey so as not to suffer, and in all of what this entire techno-industrial civilisation condemns us to, to live miserably.

We believe that the fight must transcend from simple words to actions. By this, we perceive life as the need to act according to our acratist ideas, full of vengeance, without waiting for the moment of social revolution. We have already begun.

For the propagation of rage!
Death to the state and long live anarchy!

Free and Informal Association of Savages