Of the necessity to find ourselves: A camp in Bure for Summer 2015

We come from counter-summits, Climate Action camps, No Border villages; struggles in Notre-Dame-des-Landes, the Susa Valley or in the Sivens; anti-nuclear struggles such as in Valognes, Montabot or Bure; social, feminist and anti-authoritarian struggles…

If all these struggles are singular, many of us will bear the same horizontality structured ideals and reflections to combat all forms of domination. We also find common ground in modes of life and action. These battles sometimes intersect and reinforce each other.

The capitalist logic transforms the territory, devastates our environments, seeking to reduce our lives at work and by consumption. Faced with this we respond with squatting, blockades, sabotage; by practices that acquire autonomy outside of this world.

But we see that is not enough. Because if we win moments of autonomy, we are still losing ground.

To strengthen and deepen our connections we must create moments of encounter, confront our practices of struggle and modes of organisation, reflect on the points of contention that agitates our communities, away from the schedules imposed by the summits and other farces of national unity.

This summer, let’s come together for a self-managed camp in Bure, in Meuse(1), where they are building in force an international centre for radioactive waste disposal… We want to discuss our strategies, before together envisaging our methods of collective action, to anchor our resistance in Bure, like elsewhere.

Furthermore, the next big global climate summit (the COP 21), to be held in Paris in December 2015, will once again focus on the usual indignation. Let us not be entertained by this masquerade. Let’s nourish ourselves instead from the already created trajectories transversed from Chiapas to Exarchia, from Ferguson to Villiers-le-Bel.

We have nothing to do with “the international” of their summits; for us the surpassing of borders is instead constructed by the connections woven between our worlds.

Our anger is not reversible. It is organising.

Vladimir, Martine & Co*

* In homage to our unwilling comrade who rid us of the CEO of France-based Total.(2)

Source: Nantes Indymedia

Translation notes
(1) Meuse is part of the region of Lorraine, located approximately 50 miles west of Nancy, in the north-east of France.
(2) Thanks to a private plane crashing into a snowplow he was driving at Vnukovo international airport in Moscow, Russia. In response Russian authorities opened a criminal investigation against the driver, Vladimir M.