Athens: Business of fascist parliamentarian attacked with gas canisters

Crush the fascists (A)

At a time when voters were getting ready to hand over their dignity to the ballot boxes by delegating the administration of their lives to the country’s political staff, an incendiary cell of the Informal Anarchist Federation went on the offensive, thus wanting to contribute to an intensification of antidemocratic deviation… We placed an incendiary device at the bookstore of [New Democracy party’s MP] Adonis Georgiadis in the district of Kifissia [in Athens on January 22nd, 2015]. The property and enterprises of politicians are also in our sights, as much as their physical integrity is. Adonis Georgiadis is known for his extreme right-wing views, being a fanatical exponent of type C prisons, besides being the politician responsible for banning the telephone communication of the Revolutionary Struggle’s urban guerrilla Nikos Maziotis during a scheduled public political event on armed struggle [on October 17th, 2014], while he had publicly expressed his Thatcherite concepts on the occasion of the victorious [sic] hunger strike of anarchist comrade Nikos Romanos, advocating the deathly intransigence of the State both in this particular case and any other hunger strike by imprisoned fighters.

That we intensify our attacks!
A warm hug to our captive and fugitive comrades!
Death to the State!

Informal Anarchist Federation/International Revolutionary Front (FAI/FRI)
Commando Jorge Saldivia

PS. The compañero Jorge Saldivia was assassinated on October 3rd, 2014 by an armed security guard during an attempted expropriation of an armored truck [belonging to Brink’s] in Chile. Jorge remained consistent throughout his life in waging clandestine struggle against the establishment. He fought in the ranks of the FPMR during the military dictatorship. He never came to terms with the democratic tale of social peace, and instead continued the struggle, until he fell in combat with his gun in his hand. Jorge, like other fallen revolutionaries, is present.