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Athens: Anti-election action in Petralona

Hope is coming – Greece (is moving forward)WILL BURN
and Europe (is changing)WILL BURN.
(Vote for)DEATH TO Syriza.
Abstention from the ballot boxes – Rebellion and disobedience
The stencil reads: “Fire to the school cells”

In the early hours of Saturday 24th to Sunday 25th of January 2015 a small group of comrades carried out the following actions in the Athens neighbourhood of Petralona, currently decorated with pre-election materials:

At least 7 election banners of political parties were taken down or spray-painted.
Slogans were painted on walls of several streets, on the “little shop” of the Syriza party and a polling station.
An anti-election banner was hung.

Sabotage the electoral process – Death to the saviours
We declare war on democracy
Our lives in our hands
Long live anarchy

Sympraxis of Anarchists

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