Rennes: New Year’s solidarity against all types of incarceration

As a small gesture of solidarity with those languishing behind bars, and like each new year, people gathered to express a bit of their revolt against all confinement.

We went in front of the women’s prison in Rennes, that of men in Vezin and the detention centre for the undocumented in Saint-Jacques. To exchange some shouts and fireworks across the walls and the bars, and mitigate the daily imposed isolation, even for just a short while.

Because we refuse to light-heartedly celebrate a new year, when thousands of people spend time in cells. Because a happy new year doesn’t exist when each day spent in jail is always a day too many; there can be no good health, either physical or mental, when we are deprived of freedom; and the best wishes we can bid them are those prison riots and next escapes!

A small gesture that calls many others.
Here, elsewhere, everywhere, all the time.
Destroy the jails!

Source: Indymedia Nantes