Ittre, Belgium: Fireworks against the jails

Yesterday evening [December 31st, 2014], while everyone celebrated the “new year”, others didn’t forget that, this year, the misery of the jail continues, and that some are still there to rot and die.

Fireworks and firecrackers were therefore thrown in front of the prison of Ittre [a town located 30 km south of Brussels] in solidarity with the prisoners incarcerated, greeted with cries of “Freedom”, “Strength”, or “Brick by brick, wall by wall, destroy all the prisons”, to show them that there are people who don’t forget those who undergo confinement.

Because nobody can be free in the shadow of a prison, but also because the world which we live in always resembles more of an open prison.

Destroy the jails!

Source: Indymedia Bruxsel / A compilation of actions on New Year’s Eve, in French, on Le Chat Noir Émeutier