Athens: Gatherings in solidarity with Nikos Romanos and Yannis Michailidis (30/11)

A moto-protest in solidarity with anarchist hunger striker Nikos Romanos, who is hospitalized at the Gennimatas hospital in northern Athens, took place on Sunday afternoon the 30th of November. More than 200 demonstrators drove off from the city centre and made a short stop at Syntagma Square, where families of refugees from Syria – many of whom are also conducting a hunger strike – have camped opposite the Greek parliament for days, demanding to be able to work in Greece but, most importantly, to be allowed to travel to other European countries and get asylum there. The welcoming gestures of refugee protesters towards anarchists were an emotional moment of the demo.

About an hour later, the gathering (the third one at the Gennimatas hospital these days) saw the participation of more than a thousand anarchists, relatives and friends. Protesters were able to talk with Nikos behind bars. The comrade wanted to know what was happening on the outside, reaffirmed his uncompromising stance, and clarified that he strictly refused to be visited by a delegation of the Syriza party who had the nerve to make their appearance at the hospital a few days ago. He also asked about the health status of his brother Yannis Michailidis. During the protest, it was made possible to communicate to Nikos messages of incendiary solidarity across borders (from Bristol by his FAI confederates, as well as Santiago).

When this gathering ended, many of the demonstrators on motorcycles headed to the Polytechnic School in Exarchia, while nearly 80 comrades took the initiative of driving also to the Tzaneio hospital in Piraeus, where anarchist hunger striker Yannis Michailidis is being treated under police custody. People in solidarity were able to exchange words with Yannis as well. He was in good spirits, responding to slogans with humor and wit (“I now feel like I’ve eaten,” he said at one point).

Additional footage and reportback from both gatherings in Greek & Spanish

Strength to the comrades on hunger striker, Nikos Romanos (10/11), Yannis Michailidis (17/11), Andreas-Dimitris Brourzoukos and Dimitris Politis (1/12)!

Important notes:
– The Polytechnic School in Exarchia has been occupied as of December 1st by comrades in solidarity with the four anarchist hunger strikers.
– Upcoming action for the same case: Tuesday, December 2nd, at 18:00 in Monastiraki Square; street protest in downtown Athens.

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