Hamburg: Juvenile justice agency attacked

In the night of November 21st, 2014, the Office of probation services and juvenile court assistance located in the Museumstrasse in Altona, Hamburg, was attacked with stones, and many windows were broken.

Against the State, its Justice and minions!

Solidarity with the accused and the imprisoned in the case of squatting in the Breite Strasse in Hamburg!*

Solidarity with the squatters, who really showed the cops!

Rage and struggle for Rémi Fraisse, who was killed in France some weeks ago after he was hit by a grenade during clashes with the cops!

Freedom is not negotiated or begged for!

Against every authority!

source: linksunten / in swedish

* On the 27th of August 2014 five people were arrested in Hamburg, charged with occupying an empty building in the Breite Strasse and having thrown objects at cops who approached the squat. After almost 3 months, Jakob – one of the five – is still held in pretrial detention, accused of attempted manslaughter.