Messolonghi, Greece: An anarchist comrade sent in pretrial detention

In the evening of October 29th, 2014, two comrades were badly beaten by undercover cops shortly after they hung a banner against national celebrations reading “Every fatherland is a prison – Class consciousness, instead of national consciousness” in the central square of Messolonghi, where nearly 30 neo-Nazis of the Golden Dawn were gathered at the time. Both comrades were taken into custody. Following these occurrences, the local police station was effectively attacked with stones and Molotov cocktails.

The next day, police stormed homes in search of suspects. The cops also raided the Apothiki social space in Messolonghi, destroying parts of the equipment, and arrested six comrades in relation to the action that was anonymously carried out against the police station.

On October 31st, the eight arrestees were taken to court for a preliminary hearing. Some 40 people gathered outside the courthouse, shouting slogans in solidarity with the prosecuted comrades, and unfolded a banner reading: “The passion for freedom is stronger than the state terrorism”.

The seven comrades were charged with misdemeanors and then released pending trial, while anarchist G.S. was sent in pretrial detention on felony charges based on the testimony of a police officer.

Comrades from the towns of Messolonghi, Agrinio and Igoumenitsa call for demonstration against repression on Sunday the 9th of November, at 16:00, outside the Valveios library building in Messolonghi.

Solidarity with the prosecuted comrades
Immediate release of anarchist G.S.