Basel, Switzerland: German federal police car torched in solidarity with refugees

Early on Tuesday morning, October 7th, 2014, a car of the German federal police was set ablaze at the Badischer railway station [operated by the German railway company Deutsche Bahn] in the city of Basel. The vehicle was burned to the ground. This action was carried out in solidarity with the struggling refugees in Berlin and everywhere!

There, same as here in Switzerland, people are being degraded to problems that need to be solved. The solutions of the politicians, the authorities and their henchmen, the cops, always equal the confinement in concentration camps, repression, and oftentimes the deportation of these people to their countries of origin or the so-called safe third countries.

The struggles of migrants, who are opposing this systematic oppression in a self-determined manner, make us stronger and at the same time show us the necessity to sabotage this repression machinery with our own contributions.

This action is also a response to the imminent Europe-wide police operation “Mos Maiorum” (between the 13th and 26th of October), when 18,000 police officers in cooperation with Frontex will attempt to control and arrest as many people without a residence permit as possible.

Active solidarity with all struggling migrants in Berlin and everywhere!

source: ch.indymedia via lechatnoiremeutier