Greece: Incendiary attack on neo-Nazi’s vehicle in Veria

We will crush every facet of fascism

Over the last period, there were two unsuccessful arson attacks with gas canisters by fascists of the Imathia Patriotic Movement against the self-managed space ‘La Rage’ in the city of Veria (northern Greece). The attacks of these fascists, who are practically nonexistent in the local context, aimed to intimidate people in struggle and to test their limits, in the hope that they will gradually come out of their holes also in our city.

Militant antifascism with all means

But there’s no way we are willing to let what we have gained through long-standing struggles be changed. We are proud that no fascist group has developed in our city; that fascists haven’t inaugurated local offices; that they call in reinforcements from other regions to be able to appear in public. This is something that has been achieved through polymorphous combative actions whenever any of the fascists thought they could rear their head.

We decided to give our response to rise to the occasion. In the early hours of Wednesday, July 30th, we torched the car of Golden Dawn member Stefanos Vafeidis, a close buddy of the president of the Imathia Patriotic Movement, Georgios Theodorou, who is the one that made the attacks against ‘La Rage’ hangout.

Fascists, you messed up, and now it can’t be fixed…

Militant antifascism – Militant antistatist struggle

PS. To whoever wrote the Golden Dawn’s related announcement and emphasized how fearless they are, and that attacks don’t scare them: go ask your former ‘co-fighters’ who left the Golden Dawn party as soon as they saw the consequences.

everything continues…