Thessaloniki, Greece: Placement of incendiary devices in private security company vehicles

The State (and each government on duty), faithful to the peace, order and security doctrine, is desperately and downright promoting the physical and psychological annihilation of its adversaries: crushing prison sentences, type C prison units, baton charges and tear gases are just few of the practices applied.

Their primary objective is to spread fear and consequently to prevent any organization and participation in forceful outlaw actions that aim to strike the existing system and its supporters.

Well, bastard devotees of this world, read this through: No matter how many prisons you build, or how many surveillance cameras you install, or how many “dogs” you unleash, we are still going to stand against you as outlaws and delinquents, until either you or we are destroyed. There’s not enough room for the both of us.

As for the apathy that prevails generally (and per person), compromise, democratic inaction and silence equal connivance, and the subjects that follow such an approach carry the burden of proportionate liability.

Being at war, in the early hours of Wednesday, July 9th, after the enactment of the bill on the construction of maximum security prisons it was our time to strike back, so we placed two incendiary devices in two vehicles of the security company Force (Elektras street, Kalamaria neighbourhood). Simply for what it is, because it offers control and repression products and services for sale, this “enterprise” is a target.

Strength to the members of Revolutionary Struggle

The struggle continues…