[Cybrigade] About espiv.net server shutdown on 7/7

[8/7/2014: espiv back online]

Today, Monday, July 7th, 2014, the rector of the Panteion University (in Athens, where espiv server is located) ordered that the espiv server be unplugged and put out of service. The pretext was an extrajudicial notice which was served to the university administration by the owner of the call-centre company OnLine Sales, by which the boss asks that a blog post which is allegedly defaming him be deleted and that the authors of the same post be named.

The specific blog post is as follows:

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“OnLine Sales: Employer continues to act arbitrarily; we call for a gathering at the Labour Inspectorate (Athens)

On June 6th, 2014 the boss also sacked the colleague E.T. because she refused to continue to work unpaid and overtime until she’d achieved the “sales targets” of the company. This requirement, as we have noted many times before, is a daily practice at this call center. However, in the case of the colleague E.T., the boss exceeded all limits, and assaulted her verbally and physically after she was asked to sign a document which stated that she would not make any financial or other claims to the company, but she expressed legitimate reservations.

*/ We remind that on Monday, June 16th, at 10am, the Labour Inspectorate (located in 10, Agisilaou Street, near Omonia, Athens) will examine the complaints of fellow workers I.K., E.D. and E.T.; this is why we invite every trade union, collective, neighbourhood assembly, and every single colleague to attend the meeting and support our female co-workers I.K. and E.D. in their struggle for reemployment, as well as E.T., who experienced this blatantly arbitrary employer behavior./*

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Cybrigade, which already exists for six whole years, as administrative crew of the 6-year-old espiv server, informs all concerned that:

Espiv is an internet infrastructure dedicated to the antagonistic movement which stands against capitalism and hierarchy. On espiv, we do not just provide digital space for the expression and organization of individuals and collectives, but we also consider ourselves part of the global community that fights for digital rights, the inalienable right to privacy, interception-free communication, and freedom of expression. In espiv, we oppose in-principle the storage/recording of data identifying those involved in any communication that our server provides. Cybrigade has explicitly stated the following on espivblogs.net and espiv.net:

“The content of all pages on this domain (espiv.net) is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Greece License. The administrative collective defends freedom of speech and expression, so in no event shall uploaded opinions or texts –which are solely the views expressed by their respective authors– be censored. Additional permissions to use this work, beyond those granted by the license that has been applied, may be listed on espiv.net.
Espiv does not store any data enabling identification of users, in any of its services. Data of visitors and users, such as IP addresses, are not registered on the server.”

In conclusion, Cybrigade chooses not to keep and, by extension, not to provide any kind of identification information (aka snitching) to any entity, and therefore neither to employers or other type of oppressors.

We will let you know of our next steps/actions.