Germany: Smoke signals from Dresden

Deutsche Bahn in Neustadt went up in flames as a token of solidarity with combatants in Greece.

Already in February 2013, the ‘Chaotics of the Night’ torched cars of Deutsche Bahn to send a sign of solidarity to Greece. On May 30th, 2014 we did something similar, and crept over the urban paths of Dresden on to a Deutsche Bahn site in the district of Neustadt. We burned down 5 cars, turning them into scrap, and escaped undetected.

In mid June 2013, Deutsche Bahn stated that the case of their subsidiary company, which has paid bribes to Greece and other countries, is settled. We are not interested in their effort to make good publicity out of such ex-post assurances. Germany’s hegemonic power has already been put into effect by now, and people must live with the Athens metro, which was built in no time from the swamp of corruption.

However, far worse settlements are taking place in Greece, where democracy liquidates itself, assisted by the EU in this. The Conspiracy of Cells of Fire is portrayed as a demon that stands as collecting tank for all fighters. Kostas Sakkas and several others are accused of membership in the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. The Conspiracy of Cells of Fire themselves are up against the presence of defense witnesses who have nothing to do with the organization, and therefore cannot testify as such.

So the State itself constructs its culprits.

Since the flight of Christodoulos Xiros, the State has moved in a similar fashion: with the use of anonymous phone calls, which supposedly tip about weapons and other things, numerous homes were searched and some people were detained. A state of emergency can be observed in Greece, which is supplied by opaque secret service indications, unleashing raids wherever it suits them. The objective is pretty clear: the isolation of radical fighters as well as the destruction of the broad social movement. The various revolutionary organizations and urban guerrilla structures successfully evade the grip of the State, which is why they’re also only the ostensible target of repression.

The Revolutionary Struggle, for example, was able to carry out a massive bomb attack at an office of the Bank of Greece, and Christodoulos Xiros is still at large.

“The option of armed struggle within autonomous and radical leftist forms of resistance should always be maintained but must not be led to isolation from other forms of actions and movements. Here, there is no movement willing and able to back up the possibility of armed struggle. For this reason, there aren’t any guerrilla groups in Germany at the moment. However, the levels of resistance in Europe need to refer to each other in order to fight the project of the European superpower more effectively.”
(‘Propagandists of the Deed’ in 2011)

We have now made such a reference, and lastly we want to greet all combatants in Greece who resist Troika, Nazis, cops, prisons, and so on, in whatever way possible.

For anarchy!

Anarchist Cell ‘Lambros-Viktoras Maziotis Roupas’

(Lambros-Viktoras Maziotis Roupas is the son of two Revolutionary Struggle members.)

source: linksunten