Santiago, Chile: Pack of Anarchic Nihilist Shock strikes again

Responsibility claim for savage attack on Transantiago buses:

On Tuesday, June 3rd, we organized ourselves in complicity with the night to install 3 incendiary devices in 3 different buses of 3 distinct routes of the Transantiago citizen service; our goal was to burn down these transporting machines of postmodern slaves.

We vindicate the action as pack so that the political and combative sense which motivates us is not distorted, thus avoiding the mediatic speculations of Power and vigilant entities; and without going into tedious justifications, we make it clear that:

We are at war with civilization, its societies, its defenders and pseudo-critics, we are comrades and defenders of nature, the earth and all animals that suffer the sinister advance of the domesticating capitalist globalization.

Freedom for Sol, Adriano, Gianluca, Alfredo Cospito, Nicola Gai, Hans Niemeyer, Hermes González, Alfonso Alvial, and all prisoners at war around this rotten world; with Sebastián Oversluij, Mauricio Morales, Alexandros Grigoropoulos, and many more, in our memory and heart…

For human/nonhuman animal and earth liberation.

Pack of Anarchic Nihilist Shock