Buenos Aires: Friends of the Earth/FAI illuminate the city again

We are aware of the reality in which we are living; the accelerated death and misery of modern life affect us also as individuals who breathe the shitty air of this city. With regard to the thousands of street demos that take place in this region, we always try to be different and straightforward by our actions.

As anarchists, we do what we do because we believe it is what we can do better in these moments we are living over here.

In the early morning of Sunday, March 16th, 2014 we incendiarily attacked a patrol car of the Argentine Federal Police in the Recoleta neighbourhood of Buenos Aires.

In the early morning of Sunday, March 9th, we incendiarily attacked a Mercedes-Benz car in the Palermo neighbourhood of Buenos Aires.

We also set fire to numerous cars in Belgrano, Nuñez, Villa Urquiza and Villa Devoto during February and March 2014.

For the destruction of the prison-society and all vestiges of authority!

Friends of the Earth/Informal Anarchist Federation