Germany: Protest against the Nazi rally in Dresden on February 13, 2014

In a few days, it’s that time again: the City of Dresden and some citizens will stage a commemoration in memory of the “victims” of the bombing of Dresden in 1945. Neo-Nazis manipulate this fact and want to parade, aiming to decontextualize the air attacks. The City once again plans an anti-extremist rampart in the form of human chain. Antifascist engagement made the once biggest Nazi march shrink to marginal size, despite massive repression. However, on the 13th of February 2014, it is vital to build on the successes of recent years: No Excuses! Put an End to the Myth of Dresden.

So, what’s up?

Nazis: The diverse forms of action against the annually accruing (neo-)Nazis show their effectiveness. The (neo-)Nazis backed down and refrained from having a demonstration, wanting to hold “only” a rally instead. The (neo-)Nazis themselves consider it impossible to carry out successfully a march this year, and deplore several injured on their side as well as a number of property damage to their means of transportation.

Currently, the (neo-)Nazis are in legal dispute with the City about the rally’s location. They want to gather in front of the Frauenkirche, which was banned by a special regulation of the Saxonian Assembly Act. [The “Church of Our Lady” became a symbol of the bombing of Dresden in World War II; it reopened in 2005.]

Nevertheless, the (neo-)Nazis will get their rally; where exactly is still not clear, and probably it will only be announced on the very same day. It is possible that the (neo-)Nazis attempt to organize a joint arrival in the rally, what they might chalk up as a march. If this occurs, it’s important to oppose this attempt resolutely.

In any case, caution should be exercised in the city area against smaller and larger groups of Nazis.

Everyone definitely needs to keep their eyes open in Dresden. The (neo-)Nazis will probably also try to stage their so-called “action week” before the 13th of February. During this week, they’d like to bring their inhumane commemoration out in public space with bungling acts. Despite some infantile actions on their part the last few years, it is valid to utter an antifascist dismissal should they want to perform actions.

The City & the commemoration: As in previous years, the City stages again a memorial activity at the Heidefriedhof cemetery, where citizens shall “commemorate the victims of the war and the Dresden bombing 69 years ago.” The onset of this mourning ceremony is scheduled at 3pm, combined with a commemorative parade in the cemetery. There will also be free shuttle buses that will enable people to attend this collective mourning and celebrate the myth of Dresden as a victim. At 5pm a further collective staging will be launched: the human chain; a symbolic assemblage against alleged “extremism” without any critical scrutiny over the commemorative culture in the city. This handholding starts at 6pm. There is also a planned silent tribute in front of the Frauenkirche. So there are plenty of meeting points for those who want to disrupt this superabundant commemoration.

Protest: This year’s Täterspuren-Mahngang [a memorial walk following the traces of Nazi offenders] is scheduled for 2pm by “Dresden Nazifrei” [the umbrella group Dresden Without Nazis], with the intent to arrive at the central train station between 5.30 and 6pm in order to reach potential blockades against the Nazis from there. Preferably, on that date, one should remain in the downtown area in the early afternoon and join larger crowds.

There’s no information about the main starting point of the Nazis yet, so stay tuned and check regularly our website On the 13th of February, a live ticker will provide plenty of info about Nazis and counter-activities. The Ermittlungsausschuss (legal aid team) will also be actively present; call them if you are kettled alongside others, if you witness arrests, or you get caught by police yourself. Detailed info on the protest and counter-activities will be available online by the 12th of February and the 13th. It’s advisable to stay up to date, and effectively spoil the grieving of the Nazis as well as citizens. By all means, at all levels.

You may also visit:
– a mobilizing presentation at AZ Conni, the self-managed autonomous centre in Dresden, on the 9th of February at 3pm
– a latest info talk at AZ Conni on the 12th of February at 7pm

No Excuses!