Spain: Letter of comrades Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar past the end of the International Solidarity Week

Here we are again, surrounded by these concrete walls and bars, among cameras and jailers. Here we are again, without bowing our heads, and proud of what we are. Proud to be part of the unpredictable gale that seeks to do away with any hint of Power, whose mask is once again removed and can be seen as what it really is, in its brutality and, why not, in its debility, too. In this particular case the collaboration between the Chilean State and the Spanish one in order to achieve our incarceration, shows how they can be coordinated to deal with what they perceive as a threat, but the importance that these gentlemen of Power have attached to us does not reflect anything other than their fragility. Their inconsistent discourses of security are just the mantle which hides their fear of knowing that a happenstance could trigger widespread disorder. Their blows and gags do nothing but give us strength to sharpen our ideas and our lives and qualify ourselves to be in permanent confrontation.

With a strong hug, we salute all expressions of support; they are a thrust that weakens the prison bars. We understand solidarity as in constantly putting our anarchist ideas into practice, in all of their forms, which make the enemy understand that nothing ends here, that everything continues in prison or on the street. From wherever we may be: not a minute of silence, and a life of combat. We particularly greet the immense display of solidarity from comrades who have used their own body as a weapon carrying out a hunger strike [reference to Marcelo Villarroel, Freddy Fuentevilla, Juan Aliste, Hans Niemeyer and Carlos Gutiérrez Quiduleo, prisoners in Chile, who went on symbolic hunger strike during the international solidarity week].

We salute those who continue to weave complicities, those who venture into the unknown, those who are motivated by uncertainty, those who insist for anarchy. Our respect and affection goes out to them.

We received with great sadness news of the death of Sebastián, yet at the same we are filled with joy, knowing that his life was consistent with his ideals: a full warrior. We’d love to be with the comrades who mourn our fallen, but we can only send a lot of strength and a “we’ll be seeing you soon” from here.

Mónica Caballero
Francisco Solar

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