Functioning and dynamics of Athens IMC

Announcement of the Administration assembly of Athens Indymedia
by Administration Team 17:38, Sunday, December 29, 2013

Administration on the basis of the Editorial Policy,
and not on the basis of anybody’s demands!

Let us repeat the things that have been repeated a thousand times already. Athens Indymedia is an unmediated medium of counter-information with open publishing, which practically means that everyone can publish anything they consider important or interesting to share with the rest of readers, thus participating in their own way in counter-information.

The administration team, for its part, should administrate the medium on the basis of the editorial policy and only, and has no obligation to obey demands for hiding posts when the latter do not violate the editorial policy of the medium, even more so when they come from sources which do not retain copyright, and especially texts which are public and not of internal briefing.

With this rationale, giving furthermore emphasis on the unmediated character of the medium, and also given the fact that we are not the ones who upload these texts, as administration team, we refuse to play the role of mediator, that individuals or groups try to impose on us, between the transmitter and the receiver, turning us into “cleaners” or subordinates of whoever demand the hiding of articles or comments. Besides, ideas and actions when expressed publicly do not belong to anyone in specific; they belong to all of us.

So we decided that we will no longer succumb to threats or “satisfy” similar demands regarding texts and news which are sent to indymedia and do not violate the editorial policy. Let those who continue this tactic add on their pages a notice that they retain copyright of their work or of information about their action.

Comradely towards all,
The administration team of

Greek original: athens imc