Hamburg: Attack on courthouse

What cops and other state servants enforce on the streets through control and all-out repression is being legitimized and accomplished by the Court. Every day, in their theatre of ‘justness,’ they decide on people’s future, punish them, lock them up, and destroy lives. Really, a few stones and some paint are not too much to throw against a building of Power, but their biggest nightmare is the idea of a free life because it would mean their very end, the end of oppression.

May this attack give strength to those who sit in the dock, and screw up more than just a day of all the others who enter the courtroom as employees or snitches.

Strength to those who were affected by house raids in Berlin on the 14th of August because cops were looking for culprits in relation to attacks on oppressive job centers and employment agencies, as well as a solidarity action with the revolt in Turkey. We find these actions important and right, no matter who made them.

Much strength to Sonja Suder, who still sits in prison because of her uncompromising stance against the State and Justice.