Granada, Spain: Noelia Cotelio on hunger strike since May 29th

Solidarity with Noelia

Noelia Cotelo, prisoner in struggle, started a hunger strike on May 29th as a mean of struggle against the latest attacks she has suffered in the prison of Albolote (Granada, southern Spain).

Latest examples of the ill-treatment she’s undergoing are serving several old punishments in a row, personal belongings that she has not received after her transfer from Ávila, or no delivery of mail.

At the same time, she has been summoned for trials and testifying without prior notification to her lawyer and enough time for preparation. On June 6th, she was brought to the court of Granada in order to testify as accused after a complaint by her jailers. There was a call for solidarity gathering outside the court.

Solidarity with Noelia Cotelo and all prisoners in struggle!
Down with the walls of prisons!