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Greece: Counter-information cannot be gagged or stifled…

No matter what state power does to stifle our voice, no matter how hard they try to suppress and silence counter-information, they will not succeed… We will continue to fight for a world without borders, without fatherlands, without national flags, without any prisons, without cops, without judges, without gods or demons, and we shall become ourselves the demons that will chase them down even in their darkest and deepest haunted dreams…

We will continue to struggle using our weapons, which consist of our voice, our broadcasts and our discourse that can emit as loudly as a megaton bomb inside their ears and explode while going up into their tiny, almost non-existent brains…

Solidarity to Athens Indymedia and 98FM! And remember, comrades: you will never be alone in this fight… Really, our ideas cannot be gagged, suppressed, or evicted; they stand proudly and unlawfully against the lawfulness of submission and exploitation.

‘Iera Exetasi (Holy Inquisition)’ radio show | Radio Revolt, Thessaloniki

Source: Athens IMCback online from the occupied rectorate at Zografou campus, Athens

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