Greek prisons: Collective communiqué by 253 prisoners in solidarity with hunger striker Spyros Dravilas

Since Monday, February 4th, prisoner Spyros Dravilas started a hunger strike. He only requests he be granted the days of leave for which he longs for, and to which he is entitled already (just like dozens of other prisoners) because he has served the prison term stipulated by the law in order to get regular leaves from prison.

Nevertheless, the administration of Domokos prison denies Spyros Dravilas his next leave due to yet another criminal case that was ‘unearthed’ against him, dating back to the year 2007. According to this accusatory brief, the prosecution office of Nafplion has charged him with bank robbery. Despite the fact that the prosecutor of Nafplion himself never ordered any restrictive measures against Spyros — since the evidence linking him to that robbery are nonexistent (consisting of a complaint to the police via an anonymous phone call regarding the suspect’s recognition) — the prison council in Domokos deprived him of the days of leave he had started receiving over the last months.

We stand on the side of hunger striker Spyros Dravilas, and thus claim the vindication of his request for regular leaves from prison… for a breath of freedom.

Prisoners from the 1st wing of Koridallos men’s prison
(253 prisoners have signed the communiqué)