Brieva prison, Spain: Updates on the situation of imprisoned Noelia Cotelo Riveiro

Prisons are extermination centres

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On Saturday, February 9th, Noelia was visited by two lawyers who found her in good shape. However, she explained that she had several bruises and marks on her neck and requested to be examined by a physician. She also reported that she had gastroenteritis, although the signs were weaker than in earlier days.

On February 12th, Noelia requested that her prison meals be tested for toxicity, because she suspects the food provided to her contains sedative drugs, given that she spent almost two days sleeping and completely disoriented.

Following a control by an inspector of prison authorities, Noelia was moved to a more appropriate cell. Nevertheless, she is currently refusing to take walks in the yard, which only have duration of thirty minutes each.

Meanwhile, outside the walls, there is a call for decentralized actions on February 20th and 21st in solidarity with Noelia and for the end of tortures and ill-treatment in prisons.

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