Athens: Fascists detonated an incendiary device against the anarchist space Thersitis

We shall strike back at every attack

In the early morning hours of February 7th, there was an attempted arson on Thersitis anarchist space in Athens. An incendiary device had been placed at the building’s entrance which, nevertheless, caused no damage apart from removing paint from the facade, which is currently being repaired.

We live in a period of permanent tension and expansion of the state-capitalist offensive. In this context, self-organized spaces are under constant attack by the state mechanisms and their willing good friends: the fascists. We will declare once again something said too many times before: fear cannot defeat the intrigue for freedom, which has learned over the years to fight back against attacks, strategies and machinations of the world of Power.

We call for a solidarity gathering today, February 7th, at 18.00 (GMT+2) outside Thersitis space, located on Nestoros and Evangelistrias streets in the suburb of Ilion. Solidarity is our weapon.

Let’s crush all of their security battalions

Thersitis, space of intrigue and subversion (A)