Greece: Update about the four comrades arrested on 1.2.2013, accused in bank robbery case

On February 3rd anarchists Dimitris Politis and Yannis Michailidis were taken to the prosecutor in the Athens court of appeals in regard to warrants against them about the CCF case. On February 4th they were brought to Koridallos special court during the 25th CCF trial session. Both were remanded in Koridallos prison, where members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire are imprisoned as well.

Since February 5th, all four comrades accused in the Velventos–Kozani bank robbery case, namely Dimitris Politis, Yannis Michailidis, Nikos Romanos and Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos (the latter two have not been officially remanded as of yet) were transferred to Kozani, where on the 6th they will undergo another hearing at the local courthouse.