Ghent, Belgium: A night of solidarity and information for Marco Camenisch

Marco Camenisch is an ecoanarchist/activist that’s already in prison for 21 years, first in Italy, now in Switzerland.

He still holds on to his ideals and never conformed to the rules of prison system. We think he deserves our solidarity (the money raised goes to local comrades in struggle).

BABBOO THEATER (from Amsterdam, NL)
and people’s kitchen with music from Iron Allah

Tuesday the 5th of February at 7pm, Bakunins pogo bar
(Kortrijksepoortstraat 215)

Entrance and food: free donation

‘What happens when you discover you have an INNER ANIMAL SIDE? Ask the horrible Babboo, he knows.’ Revolutionary, emancipated, explosive (text and mise en scene by Alessandro Seul).

PS: In the corner next to the CCF symbol it reads: ‘Solidarity with members of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and their co-accused.’

Arm yourselves… until Marco is free!