Egaleo, Athens: Action in solidarity with Thomas Meyer-Falk

In the night of the 7th of August, we hung a solidarity banner for the unrepentant red-skin/rash prisoner Thomas Meyer-Falk at the interchange of Iera Odos with Thivon Avenue in Egaleo, where it has much traffic. The banner read ‘Freedom for Thomas Meyer-Falk… and all political outlaws’. Unfortunately it stayed only 1.5 days in its place; some fuckers cut it off.

Our solidarity will not stop until Thomas is finally released from the German democracy’s dungeons!

You can write to him at this address (for now):
Thomas Meyer-Falk

C/O JVA-Zelle 3113, Schönbornstrasse 32, D 76646 Bruchsal

You may also visit two solidarity sites: i, ii