Greece: Reportback from the antifascist demonstration in Agrinio

Comrades from Apertus squat carried these two banners that read: ‘Agrinio does not forget – Against the darkness of fascism’

Against the darkness of fascism
No tolerance to the neo-Nazis of Chrissi Avgi/Golden Dawn

An antifascist evening demonstration was called for Tuesday, July 17th, by numerous groups from Agrinio, such as the Assembly against fascism, the Self-managed hangout, the Anarchist collective of the ‘Guillotine’ journal, Apertus squat, as well as the Autonomous Zone – Youth Block – Antifascist fans of ‘Panaitolikos’ football club, but also the ‘gruppo de affinidad’ from the town of Arta, the Antifascist coil (sispirosi) of Arta, and other antifascists from both towns.

People started to gather early in the evening at the central square in Agrinio, where collectives’ announcements were read through a sound system. The antifascist demonstration began shortly after 8pm.

Around 350 people participated in this protest march. Slogans against fascism, racism and repression were chanted, and texts, leaflets and various distro were shared out to passersby. The demo lasted about one and a half hours, passing through almost every central street of the town.

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