Greece: Antifascist demo in Veria

Among several antifascist actions that are carried out during the past days, in Athens and other Greek cities, ahead of the May Day and the May 6th election scam, there was also an antifascist demo in the small city of Veria, northern Greece, on April 21st —date of the 1967 coup d’état in Greece.

‘The more they steal your life, the more they feed your brain with nation and race —(A)ntifascists’

At around 5pm, antifascists assembled at Dimarhiou Square in Veria, where they set up a public sound system for music and counter-information. At 6.30pm, nearly 70 people took to the streets and marched through the city centre. The comrades distributed antifascist texts and chanted slogans, while they painted slogans on the offices of the far-right LAOS party as well as on bank branches.

Info from the Autonomous Hangout BARUTI, Veria