Athens: Letter by the revolutionary anarchist Theofilos Mavropoulos on the attempted further prosecution of the 250 CCF attacks

Recently a new prosecution was launched by the appellate–interrogation experts Mokkas and Baltas concerning the 250 CCF attacks, for which no charges were pressed until now.

These actions are undoubtedly a large part of the new urban guerrilla warfare’s history. Between 2008 and 2011 the revolutionary organization Conspiracy of Cells of Fire placed and won the wager of the revolutionary rupture with the existent, striking with growing intensity, rhythm and sweepingness. The CCF proved that heavy blows on the enemy camp can be achieved by the political intervention of a few but determined people. Material damages, coupled with the attack on the prevailing perception of the necessity of authority’s existence, deconstructed the society of Power and its smooth operation.

Each explosion along with each responsibility claim were advancing the fragmenting of social orderliness and accelerating the processes for building new anarchist relations.

Comrades, who sought their constant self-fulfillment, were united by creating continuously evolving illegal infrastructure, unceasingly inciting the idea of decay war, calling new comrades to become involved.

For me, the urban guerrilla is a means of promoting the anarchist revolution in the here and now. It automatically rejects all non-violence inhibitors and throws the trap of reformism in the trash.

Conscience sets aside the fear of imprisonment or death. The possibilities of self-evolution tend to infinity.

Thus, in the context of the CCF revolutionary project’s activity, I position myself right next to it.

My will for direct action urged me to stand next to these people, factually supporting their revolutionary activity. After all, we carved and continue to carve a joint revolutionary path with the comrades, members of the CCF.

So, precisely because I also defend my choices consistently and I remain a revolutionary anarchist opposing the society of Power, the authority calls me to apologize (in addition to the others), in an attempt to stifle anything that might pose a threat.

With these prosecution proceedings, the State once again tries to punish exemplarily those who dared to oppose its apparatus. But the destruction of illusions about freedom in this society and the emergence of totalitarianism when the Power is threatened, are always desirable objectives of the revolutionaries.

Long live the diffused anarchist revolutionary project
of the Informal Anarchist Federation/Conspiracy of Cells of Fire
International Revolutionary Front

Strength to comrade Luciano ‘Tortuga’ Pitronello

Theofilos Mavropoulos
1st wing of Koridallos prisons

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