Spain: Antifascist alert in Toledo

On Saturday night, February 18th, a group of 15 well-coordinated and organized hooded neo-Nazis committed several attacks on 4 leftist and antifascist activists.

They stabbed two people, who are still in the intensive care unit. Another third was stabbed and now has 25 stitches and 25 staples. Also, there were reportedly attacks with baseball bats. (Later, it was confirmed that a youngster got his head smashed open.)

In Toledo, the presence and aggressiveness of extremely violent fascist groups have been evident for a while now —but, of course, this gave no cause for alarm to the government delegation in Castile–La Mancha. It is essential to raise our guard, as the bulldogs have now their muzzles removed.

Given these facts, on Sunday evening, February 19th, an emergency concentration was called for in Zocodover square, in solidarity with the assaulted and revulsion against organized fascist gangs. Despite the short notice, over 100 people attended this gathering. Among them were comrades who came from Ciudad Real and Madrid.

We would like to thank, for their affection and warmth, especially those who attended the gathering, next to all the solidarity actions from all over the Spanish State by various antifascist coordination groups, as well as several collectivities and countless individuals who contacted us to send their strength.

We are working on more calls, so we will let you know soon. This does not stop here; we are not going to allow any more fascist aggression. It is urgent to activate the antifascist solidarity.


Antifascist Platform of Toledo & Friends and residents of Toledo