Athens: Gathering–Demonstration, Saturday, February 4th, 12.00 pm, Monastiraki Square

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Recently, the EU/ECB/IMF Troika announced the new measures that the Greek State is bound to take: the abolition of 13th–14th salary, the spread of individual employment contracts, further cuts in salaries and pensions are only a few. This is the sequel to one of the fiercest classist attacks among those unleashed by the dominant powers in the past decades, starting with the signing of the bailout memorandum in May 2010.

With a deep systemic crisis in the spotlight, the Capital seeks salvation through violent social restructuring (through poll taxes, etc.), thus consolidating the model of cheap, flexible and obedient workforce. As a result, more and more social strata are forced into destitution and poverty, while those who are condemned to eat from garbage and sleep in the streets are constantly increasing.

Moreover, the appointment of the banker Lucas Papademos as prime minister, the cooperation of neoliberals and fascists (Nea Dimokratia, PA.SO.K, LA.O.S) in the government, the political prosecutions, the intensification of repression and social control, as well as the interweaving interests of ideological mechanisms and the mass media, highlight the attempt of the manipulators’ mob to shield themselves at least politically, in view of their need for fast, unimpeded and effective implementation of all measures that the survival of the capitalist machine requires, thus dispelling any illusion of ‘democracy’. And all this is imposed with the tolerance, if not the outright support of the regimented left, which is limited to grandiloquence and cultivates electoral illusions to the oppressed, preserving the parliamentary televised circus with its own salaried presence in it.

It is our duty not to remain a sum of unaffiliated individualities who meekly obey the plans of the State and the bosses; not to succumb to their cock-and-bull stories about ‘salvation of the fatherland’, ‘debts that are weighing us down’, neither to blackmailing dilemmas such as ‘consent or bankruptcy’, ‘euro or drachma’ that they use in order to maintain their dominion.

With self-organization in every workplace, in the streets and the neighbourhoods, struggling collectively in solidarity with one another, let our resistance become the seed for class and social liberation.

Faced with the blackmailing dilemma ‘consent or bankruptcy’ that the State and the bosses set, aiming at enforcing our obedience, we must oppose the real dilemma from below: Capitalism or Revolution!

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