Seville, Spain: Protest march to Morón de la Frontera prison on December 24th, 2011

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We have realized how it is possible to turn a dry, cold and empty space into a hive of warmth and struggle. Olive trees, many olive trees and prison cells, many prison cells. Cold, dryness, and in the middle of this place people giving warmth to other people.

We were a group of 40–50 persons from different parts of Andalusia who arrived in Morón at around 2pm and started walking towards the prison, breaking the clods of the path as if they were walls.

We carried black flags, banners, sparkler flares, firecrackers and voices as weapons, as well as a loudspeaker to help us make our voices even louder, so that our cries of struggle could reach those who were missing among us, all our imprisoned comrades who fight against the tortures that dehumanize them within the walls that incarcerate them. And those who we hope that will join this struggle, in which they are not and will not be alone.

We reached the top of the highest hill that we found, in the surrounding area of the repressive nest hiding behind the prison walls. Meanwhile, some comrades went to the door of the penitentiary centre in order to distribute informative pamphlets about the Campaign against the Torture and Ill-Treatment in Prisons to inmates’ relatives who had come to visit.

As soon as the chants and support began, the warmth leaped over the barriers to spread hope and encouragement to those who started hearing us from inside and, little by little, sending us their words and signals. The comrades were there, we began to be together.

They could not get out, but their voices could. As our shared cries were passing through, the walls began to melt, in a communication that became closer and closer. With a common message and a single desire, to demolish the prison walls, tear down the walls that isolate, dehumanize and repress.

We continued to walk with stops at different sides of that factory of submission, which is the prison. Little by little, the claims were increasing and joining each other and ours, creating a single cry, freedom!

Using the loudspeaker, we were also able to inform them about this campaign which is currently being held by 60 comrades in various state prisons — with three of them being in Morón prison — who are holding protests since October with fastings at the beginning of each month and written complaints, claiming an end to the torture that the prison itself generates. Also, we wanted to convey the possibility of joining these protests, thus making this force stronger.

It is impressive to see how a wall can separate two realities so distinct, one where the social isolation enchains into silence people extorted by a system of dehumanizing and alienating punishment; and another where the imposed social, political and legal boundaries establish norms of life, submission and fear to transgress, that turns people into dumb puppets capable of giving their freedom away, thus becoming slaves of this system. Then, at the end of the day, are all of us prisoners?

It is in actions like this one today that communication, understanding and support create a bond between people towards a joint struggle, capable of building bridges that tear down the physical frontiers and connect the prisoners, those inside and outside the walls. The walls are demolished through unity in struggle. To achieve what is fair, to the end.

Down with the State and long live anarchy!

Health and freedom

source: tokata