Athens: The prisoner Panagiotis Avdikos is now on hunger and thirst strike

Mobilization at Koridallos dungeons – Update on his health condition

On December 3rd the gathering outside Koridallos prisons in solidarity with Panagiotis Avdikos was held as planned. The place resembled a war zone, as there were cops everywhere, various officers, a police squad’s bus, DIAS motorcyclists, police blockades in every alley. Indeed, a few solidaritarians were threatened to be detained, when a cop found that the glance of a comrade was too provocative… The gathered people arrived opposite the so-called hospital of Koridallos prisons, giving their support to the fair struggle of Panagiotis. The response of inmates from within the men’s prison was immediate and dynamic. The hunger striker himself talked with solidaritarians on the phone and stated that he is determined to continue his struggle until justice is done. Then, the demonstrators moved opposite the women’s prison to express their solidarity —particularly with the anarchist prisoner Stella Antoniou.

As far as Panagiotis’ condition is concerned, he has already suffered irreparable health damage. When the prisons’ prosecutor threatened to put him on an intravenous drip by force, he replied that he will step up the pace by going on thirst strike.

One day before the protest, the prison authorities had intended to transfer Panagiotis from the hospital to a cell, and had also spread that he allegedly ‘stopped the hunger strike’. After the hunger striker contacted his solidarity group, the comrades complained to the hospital’s director saying that if anything happens to the prisoner who is in fact under pre-trial detention, the responsibility is hers. The director attempted to shift responsibility to the doctor in charge (after all, he is an SS). However, the dangerous transfer was successfully avoided.

Since December 5th, Panagiotis went on thirst strike too. According to his strength till this day, he believes that he’ll lapse into a coma very soon. He considers his incarceration totally unjust and arbitrary; nevertheless, the Greek ‘justice’ and the prison system show a blatant disregard for people’s lives.

Contact address:
Panagiotis Avdikos
Aghios Pavlos hospital for prisoners
Koridallos prisons
Terma Nikiforidi (Street)
PO Box 18122, Athens–Attica, Greece

Freedom now to Panagiotis Avdikos!
Solidarity is our weapon!

from the collectivity Antistrofi Metrisi (‘Countdown’) of Corinth