Athens: ‘We are all potential prison inmates’

2001: 8.343 inmates
2011: 11.674 inmates
6 new prisons in the last 5 years

The circumstances prevailing inside Greek prisons are to a large degree known: overcrowding, illegal arbitrary refusal of exit permission, accusations of torture and abuse by prison staff, insufficient medical and pharmaceutical care and uncontrollable use of psychotropic medication, inhuman penal transfer conditions, state cutbacks in heating, food, basic necessities, health care, rehab, re-training/skilling, etc.

For this reason, and especially because the prisoners have been hit as well by the wider attack against society, we from the popular assembly of Holargos-Papagou decided to offer to prison inmates at the womens’ prison in Thiva and the male juvenile prison in Avlona things that might be in surplus for us, but scarce for them. Therefore, clothes that you don’t need or that don’t fit you anymore (especially clothing for women and children, with no lining, hoods or metallic parts), toiletries (for example, soaps, shampoos, sanitary napkins) books and phone cards are welcome at the free bazaar on Saturday, December 3rd, in front of the mall in Pericleous Street (12.00-15.00) and also at our assemblies every Wednesday and Saturday at 19.00 in the courtyard of the City Hall of Holargos.

Let this be the minimum contribution on our part to the prison inmates’ every day struggle. Let’s not let them be deprived of their human rights, apart of their freedom.

Popular Assembly of Holargos-Papagou