Greece: Solidarity with anarchist G.Koronaios, military refuser awaiting trial

On Saturday morning, December 3rd, a solidarity counter-information gathering was held outside the squatted space Parartima, in the city of Patras, for anarchist G.Koronaios who is prosecuted by the Greek authorities due to his public statement of military service refusal.

During the action many texts were distributed and posters were pasted, while people were informed through a PA system [mikrofoniki] about the upcoming trial against G.Koronaios in the court-martial of Ioannina, on December 13th.

A new gathering will take place on Monday morning at the premises of the university campus of Patras, and the solidarity actions will culminate on Saturday, December 10th, with a morning demonstration and a night gig at the squatted space Parartima. On the day of his trial, anarchist comrades call for a solidarity gathering outside the court-martial of Ioannina.

As the anarchist G.Koronaios himself wrote in his public statement of military service refusal:

 I declare that I do not want to be recruited by the army, nor do I want to have any relation at all with this structure of the authoritarian system […] I am an enemy of every state, every nation and a potential destroyer of them.

 Solidarity with anarchist G. Koronaios!
Not even a single hour in the army!

Sources: ipposd and athens.indymedia