Supermarket expropriations continue in Athens

From a supermarket expropriation in 2008

Two more supermarket expropriations were carried out on November 19th in separate Athens neighbourhoods. At around 6 pm, a group of people expropriated staple foods from a supermarket on Soultani Street in Exarchia. Earlier in the morning, another group of comrades had expropriated a supermarket in Galatsi, sharing out the expropriated goods among people gathered at a nearby open-air market. As stated in the communiqué distributed during the Galatsi direct action: ‘Bankruptcy isn’t just an image on TV. Consciences are born through attacks on the bosses. Expropriation now!’

On Saturday, November 26th, a group of comrades expropriated a branch of Sklavenitis supermarket chain, located on Charilaou Trikoupi Street in Exarchia. Flyers thrown during the action, read: ‘Their wealth is our blood’ and ‘Expropriation of the Capital everywhere’.

Anarchists expropriated staple foods and then shared out the goods among passers-by and other people gathered at the open-air market in Kallidromiou Street. Most of the people reacted positively to this action and took products from the baskets.

The only negative reaction was the one of a supermarket employee who was screaming as the comrades were leaving, ‘This is a disgrace!’ The comrades notice in their communiqué that he and each employee should know that only capitalists and bosses should be ashamed because they get more and more rich by living their ‘dream’ against people who live daily the nightmare of exploitation of man by man.

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