Villa Zografou, a self-managed social space in Athens

against the continuous devaluation of our lives... we advance solidarity, creation, comradely relations

A social project was inaugurated in the suburb of Zografou, in the eastern part of Athens. Villa Zografou, an abandoned three-storey 19th-century mansion, is located in a 14-acres estate which the municipality reserved for a shopping mall. This space bares its own history of local struggles. In the summer of 2009 riot police attacked nearly 1,000 people who claimed the space in order to hold local manifestations. The building was also at the centre of a row over an IMF debt loan during this past summer.

The open assembly of residents decided to turn Villa Zografou into a fixed space of self-organization. On Saturday and Sunday, November 5th–6th, the space will be open from noon, in order to attract more people who are interested in participating actively in this initiative. During these two days, people will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the project while works will be carried out for the maintenance and cleaning of the garden, as well as planting of agricultural products. A self-managed café with music will also be open where people can chat in a joyful atmosphere.

Entrance from the side of Georgiou Zografou Avenue (green door)

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