Never cease to learn!

Brief reflections on the uprising of the immigrants in Bari (Italy) and not only

poster pasted onto the walls of Molfetta (Bari)

Certainly, it’s an expression that we often hear. After the incidents of the last days, or months, it’s time to take it in serious consideration.

Indeed, a few days ago (Monday, August 1st) — as already happened over the last months, but with greater force and determination this time — the immigrants who seek asylum in CARA (Reception Centre for Asylum Seekers) in Bari-Palese brought to an end the darkness they live in, secluded by the bureaucratic procedures, and protested strongly against the situation in which the Italian State let them languish.

There are people who wait at least seven months for the refugee status to be recognized (or at least to receive an answer); at the same time, without any briefing from the State regarding the process of their application, they are imprisoned in CARA under serious limitations on individual liberty.

The last months, they repeatedly blockaded the national railway Bari-Palese, generating the necessary chaos where their voice cannot be heard.

On Monday, August 1st, the protest expands beyond the railway line and invades highway 16, followed by violent clashes at Bari-Foggia connection.

With joy and admiration we welcome the courage and the determination of these people: without committing any crime, they are forced to be wasted in the camps which are surrounded by wire netting and controlled by both army and police.

We express our solidarity to all the migrants internees in CIE (Identification and Expulsion Centres) and CARA, until these spaces remain only as ruins.

We also express our solidarity to the insurrectionists in Susa Valley who keep on fighting against all those who want to subordinate the people and its land to their own interests; as well as to all the Arab insurrectionists.

In the light of all these, we are wondering… for all these people…
isn’t it about time to start learning?!